Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day in Jungut Batu

A tourist take a walk on Jungut Batu Beach, Tourism growing fast here and many villas, hotels,bungalows too.
On Monday, June 25th 2012 I went to Jungut Batu with my father to visit my uncle, Jungut Batu located on Nusa Lembongan Island it's near from Nusa Penida and still part of Bali Island. To get here, I use speedboat from Sanur, it takes about 45 minutes to get to Lembongan Island. Nusa Lembongan and Penida are well known as great place for dive, beside Tulamben and Amed. Many tourist that love diving come to this place. My uncle is a Dive Master he has been dive for many many times. He said in Lembongan and Penida you can see beautiful Mola-Mola Fish, Manta Ray and sometimes Sharks. Well, this is my first time to Lembongan and i can't dive also. So I search another interest activity in here, and then I see The Seaweed Farmers. In Jungut Batu many people work as seaweed farmers maybe because that was the easiest way to earn money for them who can't work in hotels,bungalow,dive company or restaurant. They plant seaweed every morning or near sunset time depend on when the water receded and it takes about 35 days for harvest time. But, I'm worried about their condition in the next few years, do they still plant seaweed or displaced by other tourism businesses. Will see, someday i'll come again..just enjoy this one first.

Boats of seaweed farmers.
Boat for dive trip, with INDONESIAN flag little but proud !
Need Relaxation, come have massage wtih seaviwew.
Local kids selling shells.
Piling for seaweed farm boundaries.
Drying the seaweed.
The gap, between farmer shack and the bungalow.

Yellow seaweed.
No place to drying, then just use the beach. Hopefully not run out of land.

Near sunset time,farmer load the seaweed seed to the boat to be planted in the sea.
Farmer daughter, helping parent as always.
Load up, almost done.
Ready to plant, with her father.

After planting, going home.
The next day, on boat back to sanur.
***Photos & Text by Haryadi Wijaya***


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