Thursday, October 25, 2012

Sade Village, Home of Traditional Ikat Weaving from Lombok

Old woman selling sade's ikat s
Sade's Village, a name that is simple, as simple as it's friendly people. Located in District Pujut, Central Lombok, Lombok Island, West Nusa Tenggara Province, with a distance of about 30 kilometers from the city of Mataram. To find this village is not difficult because it is right on the edge of road Praya - Kuta.
Lombok Typical Rice Granary.
The souvenirs.
Sade's Village is one of the tribe villages that are indigenous Sasak people of Lombok, the building is still very traditional in this village every building is made of wood and bamboo for it walls and thatched roofs. Rice Granary are also a typical building here that we can find in some houses.

Sade's men livelihood is farming generally, but because it has been developed into tourism village, several men became Tour Guide for This village. Sade's village also famous for ikat weaving and handicrafts from the hands results of the women in this village. Almost every house selling souvenir , just as necklaces, bracelets, key chains and more. As well as an interesting activity sade women who were weaving. Since teenage Sade's women are taught to weave by their parents,it's for cultural regeneration so in the future Sade's ikat weaving not extinct eroded by time.

Traditional weaving process, colorfull. :)
Another women weaving in Sade.
Old woman spinning  yarn.
Material to make yarn.
Transaction, You can bargain when you buy something here.
The length of the weaving process, depending on how complicated  the fabric to be made.

***Text & Photos by Haryadi Wijaya***


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