Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lembongan whateverTRIP

View from the Yellow Bridge.
 Last week I went to Nusa Lembongan with friends, that was long weekend trip but we just stay for 2D and 1N, however we just having fun and do whatever 'cause this is a #whateverTRIP !!

We join a speed boat about 9 am from sanur, the ticket is just 50K. To get to Lembongan you can join speed boat from sanur near Bali beach Hotel, everyday from 9am-4pm, execpt in case of the bad weather. It takes about 30 minutes to cross from Sanur to Lembongan and don't be surprise for little bit shakin' in the boat, it's fun!. This is the 2nd time for me to lembongan. The first I was stay arround Jungut Batu, but In this trip one of my friends has a family in Lembongan, so we were lucky get place to stay for FREE. We also got motorbike for FREE, but usually if we rent motorbike it cost about 80K a day (exclude petrol).

First day we hunt for the beach and go around Ceningan Island. Ceningan Island loacated between Lembongan and Nusa Penida Island,to get there you just need to cross The Yellow Bridge at southside of Lembongan. This island is smaller than Lembongan, but few 'paradise' also hidden here. We try to find a place called 'Jumping Point', after some minutes in small and bit ugly road, we finally find the place. It's like a bay with very wonderful torquise water and reef, but we can't go down to the beach. Cause it placed under the cliff about 15m high so becareful if you enjoyed the panorama arround the cliff. So why this place call jumping point ? . On the opposite from the place I stand there's is something like bar that provide place to jump, but when I see the wild waves, I'm not that insane to jump in that place. So just enjoyed the view.

Seaweed farmer's small  canoes.
This is how 'crystal clear' looks like.
The Secret Beach, becareful with sharp coral.
Local boys surfing, they just learned how to ride the waves.
They called this 'Jumping Point', a beautiful way to suicide? don't think

The heat was burned us, we decided to chillin' in smal bar called 'Mahana Point', near Jumping Point. Soda and beers get our brain chill out, and from Mahana Point, I saw private beach with white sands and clear waters. This beach called, Secret Point beach. We through a restaurant and villa to get to the beach, (it's fine, we're local dude!) . Just take the clothes and jump to the waters, but becareful the coral is bit sharp here. After played on Secret Beach, we find a place for eat. In Ceningan is lil' bit hard to find 'warung makan' (restaurant in simple form). Finally we find it near the Yellow Bridge, a small warung with no name sell Fried Rice.After the late lunch, we ride back to Lembongan and go to Seaweed farms. Located near our homestay about 100m west of the Yellow Bridge. Capturing the farmers activity during sunset can be interest thing to do.

Seaweeds on drying process.
Went to harvest in sunset time.

The water receding in sunset, makes the farmers easy to harvest or planting.
The Next day, we went Selagimpak Beach for snorkling. Selagimpak located Northside of Lembongan island. Is kinda hard to find, so you may ask local people and they will tell you the way :) . The water is clear and sloping, after 6 meters from the sand you already can see many corals and fishes in about 5 meters depth. I wish I have underwater camera or something to capture that beautiful underwater scene, for now just keep in memories on my head.

The waves are 'angry'.

A view of Jungut Batu Village.
Selegimpak Beach.

Baron do The whateverJUMP!

Unfortunately we must finish this #whateverTRIP and back to Denpasar, next time I'd like to comeback again and enjoyed another beaches and hidden paradise here .
Thx to Baron, Tutde, Arya, Angga, and Eko for the crazy short trip!

(From Left) Arya, Baron, Angga, Tutde, Eko, Me!


  1. jadi pingin ketempat ini ..... harus di rencanakan blm perna kesampaian

  2. Haha..wajib lah sebelum menghadap...pokoknya dijamin awesome! trims udah mampir ya..

  3. aku rencana 17-21 jan ini mau ke bali, rencana ke lembongan + menjangan. Ada recommend penginapan yg murah meriah ngak ???? hahahahaha

  4. klo di lembongan banyak sih ada,,cm wktu itu aku tdr drmh teman..klo d menjangan sedikit ada, itupun cuma hotel & resort..

  5. I've only been to lembongan once and that was in 2002! I'd really like to go back to snorkel and perhaps stay there for a few days. It's a top spot! Thanks for the article!

  6. Hey Adam! , Thanks for comment.. was like 10 years ago!
    You Should come now...maybe have some nostalgia moments in this small paradise..
    Thx for visit Bali..
    Respect.. :)

  7. beautiful beautiful beautiful photos...
    kec. foto terakhir, hehe *follow*

  8. Im a Balinese myself, a travel junkie, but somehow haven't visited this beautiful place in my backyard (God, I'm screwed!) . Definetely will put this on my to do list. oh btw, rahajeng nyanggra Galungan lan Kuningan :)


  9. Looks amazing! Thanks for the write up - taking notes for my trip there next week.