Kawah Ijen,The First Encounter

An introduce journey to Kawah Ijen, witness the exotic of 'Blue Fire'.

Amed, The Sapphire of East Bali

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Bromo, Heart of The East Java

Visit one the most fascinating mountain of Taman Nasional Bromo Tengger Semeru

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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Day in Jungut Batu

A tourist take a walk on Jungut Batu Beach, Tourism growing fast here and many villas, hotels,bungalows too.
On Monday, June 25th 2012 I went to Jungut Batu with my father to visit my uncle, Jungut Batu located on Nusa Lembongan Island it's near from Nusa Penida and still part of Bali Island. To get here, I use speedboat from Sanur, it takes about 45 minutes to get to Lembongan Island. Nusa Lembongan and Penida are well known as great place for dive, beside Tulamben and Amed. Many tourist that love diving come to this place. My uncle is a Dive Master he has been dive for many many times. He said in Lembongan and Penida you can see beautiful Mola-Mola Fish, Manta Ray and sometimes Sharks. Well, this is my first time to Lembongan and i can't dive also. So I search another interest activity in here, and then I see The Seaweed Farmers. In Jungut Batu many people work as seaweed farmers maybe because that was the easiest way to earn money for them who can't work in hotels,bungalow,dive company or restaurant. They plant seaweed every morning or near sunset time depend on when the water receded and it takes about 35 days for harvest time. But, I'm worried about their condition in the next few years, do they still plant seaweed or displaced by other tourism businesses. Will see, someday i'll come again..just enjoy this one first.

Boats of seaweed farmers.
Boat for dive trip, with INDONESIAN flag little but proud !
Need Relaxation, come have massage wtih seaviwew.
Local kids selling shells.
Piling for seaweed farm boundaries.
Drying the seaweed.
The gap, between farmer shack and the bungalow.

Yellow seaweed.
No place to drying, then just use the beach. Hopefully not run out of land.

Near sunset time,farmer load the seaweed seed to the boat to be planted in the sea.
Farmer daughter, helping parent as always.
Load up, almost done.
Ready to plant, with her father.

After planting, going home.
The next day, on boat back to sanur.
***Photos & Text by Haryadi Wijaya***

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Journey To Bromo : First Time and Unforgotten

A set of Mountains, I called Bromo and Friends
Dream come True! Yes, that's the first sentence that came out when a friend invited me to join the trip to Bromo. Although there is some changes of personnel that will join in the journey and accommodation arrangements are rather complicated we do not give up. Finally after all the affairs of accommodation deal, we're ready to go to Bromo for the first time. Yes! first time! Me, Dedot, Sayoga, Agung, Apel and Edi will meet for the first time with Bromo. On 1 August, at 6 am, we set off together from Denpasar towards the Gilimanuk Harbor with our dashing driver that we call the 'masbrow'. Eh, I'm haven't say that this driver has not been to Bromo, but thankfully there is help from the GPS .Just Hit The Road bro ...!

Trip from Denpasar to Bromo, takes about 12 hours. around 5 pm we had reached the Ngadisari village, where we were staying was a homestay owned Hotel Oetjik. The first impression when I got here is "COLD", even very cold because we were coming from the area where the air is hot. We were all very tired and rested because tomorrow morning will see Sunrise at Penananjakan Bromo.

Villager house among The Onions field.
Old man watering his Onion Field in the morning.

At 4 am Clock show, we hurried up and preparing. because according to the info today we will go to Penanjakan around 4:30 with Hard-Top car 4x4. It's almost 5 o'clock am car had not yet arrived, he said was still on the way. a few minutes later, a blue car coming, and apparently the driver was Mr. Gitar, he was living next-door neighbor. Was surprised and then we all laugh. In fact this morning we had met when he was went from home, it turned out he took the letter of assignment and do not know who is going to take him with. Without further ado Mr. Gitar take us to Penanjakan, through the sea of sand at the foot of Mount Bromo. He was adept at reading the road here even though there are no roads just sand.

At about 5:30 am we arrived at Penanjakan, still dark and very cold. It was not just us who came that morning, dozens of domestic and foreign tourists also come to see the sunrise at Bromo that morning. We immediately find a place to capture the sunrise at Bromo. The sky began to blush sign the sun will soon rise, and a set of mountain in sight. Finally I saw it for the first time Beautiful panorama of God's creation. Unsatisfied take a photo from the top, we had come down among the trees a bit steep. angles we took some photos. After the shooting was over (actually not satisfied) we agreed to go back to the car, certainly gitar Mr. is waiting. Arriving in the parking lot, tempting aromas coming from a coffee shop finally we decided to take a break over breakfast and coffee. Then coffee merchants serve a snack, which in turn makes us addicted, the boiled / fried potatoes. It was not clear it was boiled or fried, but it feels very very good!.

'What you can see from here?' stone carved sign at Penanjakan.
I don't know what's the name, but I see it Wonderful covered by fogs.
Poten Temple, view from Penanjakan.
The Land over The Skyline, this one I prefer B&W.
Horseman, They rent horse for trip arround Poten Temple also take you up to the crater
Breakfast is over, time to continue our journey. Mr. Gitar offer 2 favorite spots, 'Padang Savanna' (Savanna) and 'Lautan Pasir' (Sea of Sands) with additional charge 300 thousand rupiah, without any compromise we just take his offer. Savanna known as 'Teletubies Hill ' because there are rows of Hills just like the Teletubies movie. As usually we took some pictures and then went to the area of Lautan Pasir (Sea of Sands). Just like the name this place is filled with sand very widely, every where is sand and the wind makes these sands form a unique pattern, Being around the Padang savanna and Lautan Pasir, finally we get tired and back to the homestay. Because in next days we will photograph, Yadnya Kasada ceremony at Poten Temple, and Bromo crater.

The Home of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Lala, and Po'. (kidding..lol!)
Savanna, The grass are bit yellow cause of the season.
The villagers that pass the savanna and say hello to us, very friendly isn't it.
No Helmet, No Mask, No Sunglass, Balinese says 'Amah Debu' (eaten by dust).
Sea of Sands, with lil'bit savanna.
Batok Mountain seems like sinking in the sands.
Path of Life, It's never straight.
Mr. Gitar's Blue Jeep, Though!
Morning in foothill of Bromo, From this photo to bottom are  taken at the last day when we go to the crater.

I'am amaze when saw this, feels like paradise for me.
The stair is broken, people take other side.
Come and Go, To and From the Crater of Bromo.
And here are the squad, from left ; Me, Apel, Sayoga, Dedot, Agung, and the one hide behind is Edi. Thx to Mr.Gitar  help take this photo.
That's my Journey, Hope you like it and respect to our Homeland 'Indonesia' we have the 'paradise', why don't you 'explore' it. See ya on next journey.

*** Photos & Text by Haryadi Wijaya***

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Faces of Tenggerese

Besides having natural beauty, Bromo also have a friendly society they called Tenggerese People (Tribe of Tengger). Tenggerese live in several villages around the area of ​​Mount Bromo. According to myth or legend, they are the descent of Roro Anteng who is the daughter of King Brawijaya with Joko Seger son of a Brahmana. 'Tengger' name derived from the names of both husband and wife, namely, "Teng" from Roro Anteng and "Ger" from Joko Seger. Legend of Roro and Joko Seger Anteng that God promised to give their youngest son, 'Raden Kusuma' is the beginning of the ceremony Kasodo in Tengger. According to some historians, Tenggerese is native Javanese who at that time lived in the heyday of the Majapahit. When the arrival of Islam in Indonesia (Java) when it happened interface between Islamic kingdoms in Java, one of which is a feeling of urgency Majapahit with the advent of Islamic influence, then fled to Bali and rural areas around Mount Bromo and Semeru . Those who dwell in the surrounding hinterland of Mount Bromo is then set up a village named after their leader's name is endings Anteng Roro and Joko Seger.

The majority of Tengger people were Hindus, but different with  Hindu religion in Bali (Hindu-Dharma). Tenggerese people mostly believe in Hindu-Mahayana. At present Tengger people commonly live as farmers in the fields. The principle they are not willing to sell the land (fields) to others. Range of their agricultural products are potatoes, cabbage, carrots, tobacco, and corn. Besides farming, there are some of Tengger people who work as tourist guides in Bromo.

*** Photos and Text by Haryadi Wijaya ***