Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coastal Paradise in Central Lombok

Walk along the Seger Beach.

Last July, I had the opportunity to visit lombok. The main purpose to attended PEKSIMINAS (National Student Art Week)  and the bonus is to enjoy the beauty of the coastline in Central Lombok. Seger, Kuta and Tanjung Aan are the beaches that I visited for a few days in Lombok. Because together in a group, I got lil' bit time to explore these beaches. The first time I admired was Seger Beach, white sand, crystal clear waters and breathtaking hills makes me not want to move from this place. The beach is still quiet not much activity maybe because it is not a holiday, just some foreign surfers came to check the waves. Besides the beautiful panorama Seger Beach is also one of favorite surfing spot for foreign surfers, strong currents and big waves make this beach a heaven for the surf-aholic.

After refreshed eye in Seger beach, then we went to Tanjung Aan beach. Not much different from this beach also possess the same characteristics as Seger beach, but there is a small village here lived by few fishermen. Incidentally that day the weather was not conducive to sailing so the fishermen choose to stay in their homes. And on the Last Day before returning to Bali then I visited the village of Kuta Beach and Sade Village. Kuta Beach Lombok is different from Bali's Kuta Beach. Not as busy here in Bali, and the beaches are still clean and natural. I hope someday to get back here again, and there are still many hidden paradise in Lombok. So why do not we explore it!
The textiles seller, you can easily find them on the beach waitng for the tourist.
Lonely Shelter.
The Hills arround Seger beach.
Connect by a bridge.
View from the hill.
Another view up on the hill.
Come and go.
Yes, it's summer lil bit dryland here.
Checking the waves.
Easy to hike.
Take a deep breath when you up on the hill, and becareful of strong wind.
Fisherman's kids in Tanjung Aan.
No sail today.
The House.
Just sit on the boat.
Kuta Beach Lombok.

Still in Kuta, so many rocks here.
Tree on the reef.
Hill not mountain.

Sun is still hot to tanning the skin.

***Text & Photos by Haryadi Wijaya***


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