Sunday, April 27, 2014

Journey 1717

It was last weekend, me and travel buddies from Melali Nusantara went to this 'most visited mountain' in Bali. Located in Kintamani, Bangli. Although not as high as Mt. Agung, Mt. Batur included into the circular ring of fire, where the status of the volcano is still active. I believe most Balinese people often visited Kintamani and Batur Lake, but just a few that curious about 'how it feels to stand and take a deep breath on 1717 mdpl' or 'what lies inside the crater of Mt.Batur'. For me this is the first time and i'm really curious. 

The Starter
We arrived at Trekking Post at 5 pm and then give report that we gonna go up there and paid contribution ticket before start. It was light rain, and we decided to wait until it stopped, then at 6 pm we start to hike. This is the third mountain for me after Bromo and Ijen, and it was very different situation. Bromo is mostly Sands, Ijen soil and rocks (on crater), Batur is Rocks domination wrong step could be dangerous, so be really careful. After 2 hours step on rocks we arrive at camp site, it was halfway from the peak. We set the tents, have some dinner (hope you curious about how it feels :D ), and get rest.

4 am, the alarm didn't wake me up. But, the noise and the light from other hikers finally bring us to get out of tents. I suprised with so many foreign tourists that 'curious' about this mountain. We get ready and join the entourage...To the peak Brothers...To The Peak!. 5.30 am finally we reached the peak, a long rim that circling the crater. As usually take the camera out and wait for glorious warming Sunrise. The sky was clear with lil bit fogs, honestly I was expecting to see fogs covered the caldera but didn't get it. Clear is more than enough. 
On the top others visitors saw us strangely, because what? . Yes, of course because the 'refrigerator' that we brought or also known as carrier backpack. 'Why could you bring those heavy bags to hike??' I bet all people have those question. Chillax brotha.. We bring this on purpose. 
1. It's for our camp equipment,water,and also supplies.
2. It's for video shooting purpose :), looks great with this carrier right, So Adventure! Hahaha
3. It's for warming up practice for us, before Rinjani in Juli (Hopefully, Astungkara)

Sun goes up and we going down, get back to the camp and have a little bit breakfast.
We packed up, clean the camp site and Went back home. But, before it we stopped by at Batur Natural Hotspring, I don't want to tell you how it feels, relaxing on Hotspring after hiking, imagine yourself or if you want, experience it!

See the full version >here<

The crews are Eko, Pvrnawan, Baron, Me, Sukmana, Tutde.
Video by Tutde (Melali Nusantara)


  1. A little bit correction, Mt. Batur isn't the second highest mountain in Bali, Mt. Batukaru in Tabanan regency did

    1. Yes thank you...i already correct it...